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Mu3tlk MC is a Syrian rapper originating from the city Salamiyah. He escaped to Germany when the civil war started and he’s been living there ever since. He’s been rapping since the age of 13 and puts his focus on perfecting his rhyme and rythm. Mu3tlk MC likes to express his feelings and talk about serious subjects on his tracks. His borderless lyricism and passion will leave you suprised and head banging for hours.

Le Space Walker

Le Space Walker Is a Syrian rapper living in Germany. Born in Aleppo, Syria, known for his unique and funky style and word play in the Syrian rap community. He also raps in German. This unique mixture of Syrian and German rap is what makes him stand out from the crowd compared to other rappers. 

Our upcoming talent Le Space Walker will be releasing a lot of hard hitting tracks, so stay tuned and follow him on Social Media to witness his new art.


MC Lobo

MC LoBo is a Syrian Rapper/Vocal singer living in Sweden, born in Salamiyah, Syria. He is known for his pure vocal sound, 

He has been always straight to the point with his hard hitting punchlines and bars. What makes our talent special is his capability of rapping in Syrian and Swedish and also having a high pitched voice. Soon you will hear a lot of cover tracks with his ruthless flow and lyricism. Stay tuned and follow him on Social Media.

  • Producers:

Gerko Productions

Gerko Productions is an Entertainment Company based in Bonn, Germany. It focuses on making the coolest and greatest visuals for music videos and advertisements.    


Hu$$in Beat$

Hu$$in beats is a talented young producer who lives in the Netherlands. Hussin Jake is always focusing on small details to make the best beat and song ever. His specialty is mixing different genres and making                                            high quality audio content.


  • Directors:

Jamal Dpeat

Jamal Dpeat is a Syrian producer, editor, director and artist. living in Bonn, Germany. He is known for his passion and perfectionism to make each piece of artwork astonishing. 

He made a couple of video clips for Mu3tkl, Hitman, Le Space Walker and a lot of other artists. His passion and dedication towards his work will ensure unmatched video and image quality.

Go ahead and check his social media accounts.

Sem Leuven

Sem Leuven is a Dutch young independent director/designer based in the Netherlands. He is known for his passion for filming, editing and directing films and video clips. What makes him unique is how he thinks and sees every artwork from many different perspectives. Sem is someone that you never can miss if you are willing to shoot or edit a film/video clip. Follow Sem on Social media, his work will speak for itself.

  • Dancers:

Mses Amen

Mses Amen is a talented dancer based in Germany. He is known for his capability to dance many different styles. His charismatic character  makes him one of the most astonishing and unique talents we have at Jack X Agency.

Follow Mses on Instagram to see more...

  • Models:

Zoë  O.

Zoë is a Dutch model known for her charismatic, mysterious and rough  character. She really is one of a kind. You wouldn't want to miss her appearance and style in your upcoming video clip(s).

Follow Zoë on Instagram to see more.

Daan Nijenhuis

Daan is a Dutch model known for his passion and smooth appearance. His style makes him a very unique talent to our clients. Also his courage in every shoot. Book him now at Jack X Agency and go check his Instagram.



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